The Palm Beach Modern Quilt Guild is committed to helping our community in a meaningful way.  As our group develops, we will be focusing on supporting our county with our unique quilting talents!

In 2023, we awarded two quilts to local heroes, Deputy Sheriff Donna Korb and Instructor Kayai Graham.

Life Saving Medal

Deputy Sheriff Donna Korb

In early May of this year, a call came in regarding an ocean swimmer in distress near Ocean Blvd.  Deputy Sheriff Korb, on ATV patrol in the immediate area, observed the swimmer some 35 yds from shore, gasping for air and struggling to keep her head above water.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, combined with an outgoing tide, Deputy Sheriff Korb worked with residents to obtain a rescue float while she retrieved a throw rope from the ATV.  Deputy Sheriff Korb then swam through the surf with little regard for her own safety, ultimately reaching the distressed swimmer.

With determination, she swam through the waves and tide to bring the female swimmer safely back to shore.  Palm Beach Fire Rescue transported her to the hospital where she was ultimately found to have saltwater in her lungs.

For her exceptional bravery, professionalism, quick thinking and determination through a tough water rescue, Deputy Sheriff Donna Korb is worthy of a Life Saving Medal.

Life Saving Medal

Kayai Graham

In August of 2023, Civilian Instructor Kayai Graham was on her mealbreak at Longhorn Steakhouse on Okeechobee Blvd. when she witnessed a medical emergency occuring at the restaurant.  

An elderly female went into cardiac arrest, fell to the floor, and became unresponsive.  Graham immediately took charge of the scene, rendering aid by starting CPR while instructing restaurant staff to call 911 for emergency assistance.  

She maintained her lifesaving efforts and was able to revive the victim back to a conscious and responsive state by the time Palm Beach Fire REscue arrived.  They transported the victim to the hospital where she survived the emergency.

For her quick and decisive action in a critcal situation, Civilian Instructor Kayai Graham has earned a Life Saving Medal.